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Advancing Practice

The Derbyshire Advanced Clinical Practitioner’s 3 Year Strategy (2021-2024) created by members of the Derbyshire Collaborative Advanced Clinical Practice Group is available by following this link

Our vision is to create confident, capable and adaptable Advanced Clinical Practitioners (ACPs) who are able and willing to contribute to system wide delivery of safe effective care for patients, their relatives and carers.

There are now three films available to watch to help you with evidence for your portfolio, the education pillar, the research pillar and the latest recording on the Leadership and Management pillar.

HEE Regional Faculties of Advancing Practice
Regional Faculty for Advancing Practice – Midlands - Advanced Practice (


The Primary Care workforce is developing at a fast rate and we are able to support Primary Care employers with levy funding for the ACP MSc Apprenticeship pathway. 

The closing dates for the ACP MSc Apprenticeship vary for different Universities,for further information please check on their websites.


Please find detailed information about the ACP MSc Apprenticeship in our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and Apprenticeship Information Sheet.

This is the Memo of Understanding (MOU) with the terms and conditions of the funding  for the 2022/23 funded places

Advancing Practice

In 2017 Health Education England (HEE) produced the HEE Multi Professional Framework for Advanced Clinical Practice in England.

This framework provides a clear definition and specifies the capabilities for clinicians using the 'advanced' title. This framework supports a level of practice and as such encompasses both those working in 'advanced specialist' and 'advanced generalist' roles.  Clinicians who use the term ‘advanced’ in their title need to have Masters (MSc) level education and be able to evidence capability across the four pillars of advanced practice

  • Clinical Practice
  • Leadership and Management
  • Education
  • Research

This requires that health and care professionals working at the level of advanced clinical practice will exercise autonomy and decision making in a context of complexity, uncertainty, and varying levels of risk, holding accountability for decisions made. Each clinician needs to work within their scope of competency.

Whilst the HEE framework defines advanced clinical practice as a level of practice, some areas of the country use the term Advanced Clinical Practitioner (ACP) as a role.  This is the case in parts of Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire and was driven by workforce needs.

The Primary Care (PC) workforce is developing at a fast rate and the funding that accompanies some of the new developments is identified in the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS).  This website will aim to provide information on the differences between advanced practice and first contact practice in PC.

It will also include some information on the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) in primary care as these professions are often on an educational pathway to advanced level practice.

This website will be updated as work progresses.

If you require any further help/assistance, please contact Sharon Bown

Core Capabilities Framework for Advanced Clinical Practice (Nurses) Working in General Practice / Primary Care in England

Over a number of years, the role of the nurse has evolved within primary, community and secondary care. Nurses have in many ways been the pioneers of enhanced and advanced roles within many settings including general practice/primary care. The NHS needs a workforce that is fit for the future and nurses with advanced clinical practice knowledge and skills will be able to both lead and work within and across teams to provide excellent care for people.

Health Education England - Centre for Advancing Practice

The Centre for Advancing Practice (CfAP) has been developed to help implement the HEE Multi Professional Framework for Advanced Clinical Practice in England. Currently much work is underway accrediting MSc program meets the requirements of the framework. Practitioners in the future who successfully complete these programs will be recognised by the CfAP and the practitioner placed on a public facing advanced practitioner directory. In addition to completion of a CfAP accredited program there will also be the option for practitioners to gain entry on the directory by using a portfolio route to recognition by uploading evidence of capability onto an online portal currently under development. Further information regarding the CfAP can be found on the link below: Advanced Practice | Health Education England (


Health Education England - Regional Faculties for Advancing Practice

Each HEE Region now has a Faculty for Advancing Practice to support the work of the CfAP. Each Faculty has a Lead, a Supervision and Assessment Lead. The Midlands Faculty Lead is Dr Julian Barratt. You can contact the Faculty by email on and their website is currently under development.

Please see below for links to local Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) that provide MSc Advanced Practice programmes.

If you are interested in finding out about funded places for the ACP MSc programme through the Training Hub please email Sharon Bown for the guidelines or keep a look out for information on training events

Please see below for links to local Higher Education Institutions (HEI’s) that provide the MSc Advanced Practice Apprenticeship.

The information on this website has been compiled to support primary care in developing advanced  practice.  It has been compiled by Julia Taylor, on behalf of the Derbyshire Advanced Clinical Practice (DACP) Operations Group.  There is information on a variety of topics including:


Portfolio Support Forums for Derbyshire trainee ACP’s and Supervisors, all via MS Teams from 1-2pm.

Informal drop-in forums for portfolio support.  Supervisor sessions are an ideal opportunity for GPs/Consultants as well as ACP mentors to attend.

If you require any further help/assistance, please contact:

Sharon Bown- Advanced Clinical Practice Project Manager