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DCHS Diabetes Education Service Website

Recently, the Diabetes Education Service at DCHS have been developing their website. We felt your service was one that might potentially use the Diabetes Education site in the future.

The Diabetes Education Service are currently working on a project to improve our website and resources online. These resources are for patients and professionals. We are wanting feedback from professionals to find out what you would find useful. We want to make sure our resources online are the things staff and patients are looking for.

The survey is completely anonymous to complete. This means that we will not know the name or contact details of each person that completes the survey. The results will be used to improve the website and online resources.

The link to complete the survey online is here:

If you click on the link you should be taken directly to the survey to complete this. The link will be accessible for two weeks.

If you have any further comments or questions, please contact the Health Psychology Service. Email:

Many thanks for your time.