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Level 3 Business Administrator Apprenticeship

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Fully funded apprenticeship for any primary care worker or new recruit. Also eligible for £1000 government incentive.


To be trained as a business administrator means that you will develop a wide skill-set in using both digital and manual systems to improve business functions and aid efficiency. The role can include areas such as social media, quality processes and project management. The business administrator will have skills in a wide range of computer software and business systems used within the organisation. The role is well suited to those wishing to progress within business and further develop their skills in time management and communication. A business administrator may work across the whole organisation and therefore gather a wide range of knowledge and skills to aid this progression.

18 month programme

Skills developed:

·       A range of IT skills including Mircrosoft Office or equivalent packages.

·       Be able to produce documents, showing respect to sensitive information and the processes within the organisation.

·       You will develop skills in decision making based on sound reasoning and be able to deal with challenges.

·       Produce high quality work, demonstrating the necessary level of expertise to complete tasks.

·       You will develop skills in planning and organising workloads and calendars.

·       You will understand the value of your skills and how these can be used to further progress your career and benefit the organisation.

·       You will gain experience liaising with stakeholders and colleagues throughout the organisation.

·       You will understand the processes used within the organisation and gain knowledge of other external factors such as legislative changes etc.

Entry requirements:

- Level 2 English and maths (can be gained as part of the programme)

- Working minimum 30 hours per week

- Committed to 20% off the job learning (approx. 1 day per week)

Business Administration Level 3 Standard Download pdf (1,196.46 KB)