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Supervisor & Assessor Training

In 2018 the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) introduced new Standards for Student Supervision & Assessment (SSSA) which includes the requirement that all NMC registrants should be ‘suitably prepared’ to undertake the role of student supervision and assessment as part of the nursing role. 

Previously, nurses would be required to undertake study post-registration to enable them to support students in practice. These courses were often referred to as mentor training. Students will now have supervisor training during their undergraduate course leading to them being supervisor ready when qualifying.

Check out the NMC website here: Standards for student supervision and assessment - The Nursing and Midwifery Council (

What is a SSSA Practice Supervisor?

Practice supervision forms an important part of many professionals’ roles. As a supervisor you will act as a facilitator, and you will be expected to understand the outcomes that the student is hoping to achieve and think about their own previous experiences, education, and training to give the student the best support possible. Being a supervisor can help to develop your own skills as well as the students and may bring to light additional training you may need or want to undertake.

To be a supervisor, you must be registered with a professional regulator like the NMC, GMC or HCPC. Health and social care professionals who are not registered with a professional regulator cannot be practice supervisors. All nurses, midwives and nursing associates should be capable of fulfilling a practice supervisor role.

What is a SSSA Practice Assessor?

Practice assessors are registered nurses, midwives, and nursing associates, or in the case of prescribing programmes any qualified prescriber, who assess a student’s practice learning for a placement or a series of placements. A nominated practice assessor also works with the academic assessor to make recommendations for progression for the student they are assigned to.

They have been prepared and supported to take up their role and have current knowledge and experience relevant for the proficiencies and programme outcomes they are assessing. The practice assessor must be a registered nurse, midwife, nursing associate, or specialist community public health nurse (SCPHN). Professionals who are not registered with a professional regulator cannot be a Practice assessor.

At Health Education Derbyshire, we are currently working in collaboration with UHDB to increase the amount of SSSA trained staff within primary care across Derbyshire. You will find both the 'Becoming a Supervisor' and 'Mentor to Assessor' online events on our training events calendar.

There are other ways of completing SSSA training. The workbooklets below can be downloaded and completed to become a supervisor and/or assessor. 

Workbook for Practice Supervisor Prep- SSSA Transition Download pdf (943.41 KB)

Workbook for Practice Assessor Prep - SSSA Transition Download pdf (832.03 KB)

If you Currently have supervisors and/or assessors in your practice please email to let us know.

If you have more questions about SSSA training, check out our FAQ below.

SSSA FAQ Download pdf (95.55 KB)