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Level 3 Pharmacy Technician apprenticeship

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Pharmacy Technician Training Programme enables learners, with relevant work experience, to apply for registration with the General Pharmaceutical Council (GPhC).

This programme will equip learners with the clinical knowledge, confidence, practical and professional skills to practise as pharmacy technicians.


Duty 1 - achieve the best possible outcome through a person’s medicines by managing, ordering, receiving, maintaining and supplying medicines and other pharmaceutical products safely, legally and effectively, whilst meeting the regulatory standards

Duty 2 - provide person-centred health advice to all patients

Duty 3 - support the management of the day to day operation of the pharmacy, e.g. clinical governance, business operation and processes, including where appropriate the supervision of members of staff

Duty 4 - provide training to pharmacy and the wider healthcare teams. e.g. for a new member of staff

Duty 5 - maintain a quality service through auditing and evaluating the service and processes, and respond to feedback

Duty 6 - advise people, in a wide range of settings, on the safe and effective use of their medicines and devices

Duty 7 - manage your own professional and personal development

Duty 8 - ensure patient safety, by promoting safe practices, and the effective use of systems

Duty 9 - provide specialist services in response to local and national needs and initiatives

Duty 10 - respond appropriately to medical emergencies.

Please see a useful video HERE 

Duration: Min 24 months

Entry requirements:

English: GCSE Grade C/4 or equivalent evidence

Maths: GCSE Grade C/4 or equivalent evidence

Science: GCSE Science Grade C/4 or equivalent evidence

Suitable workplace supervisor and ability to meet all areas of competency (external placements may be required)