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Advanced Clinical Practice Resources

Primary Care New Starter Checklist

This can be useful in ensuring thorough preparation by the primary care employer prior to a FCP or advanced practitioner joining the team. 

Primary Care New Starter Checklist Download doc (49.00 KB)

Reflective case study examples

Here are two example case studies;

The first requires improvement as it doesn't meet the threshold for master's level evidence - it includes comments at various points highlighting areas for improvement.  The second case study demonstrates more in the way of complex clinical reasoning.

Case studies of this kind could be useful for both advanced practitioners and FCPs who are building their portfolios of evidence.  This example is from FCP MSK.

Reflective case study examples Download pdf (212.00 KB)

Advancing Clinical Practice in Primary Care

Included in the Below PDF you will find infomation on the Following : 

  • Practitioners Working at an Advanced Level
  • Health Education England - Centre for Advancing Practice
  • Health Educational England - Regional Faculties for Advancing Practice
  • The Derbyshire Advanced Clinical Practice Operational Group
  • Nurses working at Advanced Clinical Practice Level in Primary Care and General Practice

Guidance and Training for Advanced Level Practice Download pdf (204.07 KB)

HEE Advanced Clinical Practice Toolkit

  • The toolkit provides general information about the ACP role as well as specific information aimed at the following groups of people: practitioners, educators, employers, commissioners, those planning the workforce across systems and patients/service users.
Advanced Practice Toolkit - e-Learning for Healthcare (

Resources to Support Implementation

The Below PDF will include Guidance and Training information on the following points:

  • Supervisors + Trainees
  • Setting up Surgeries
  • Workplace Supervision of trainee advanced Practitioners
  • Requesting Tests/Investigations & Referrals
  • Portfolio
  • Assessment
  • Pay Structure/Salary

Guidance and Training (Framework) updated on 10.08.22 Download pdf (233.48 KB)

Debriefing Download pdf (130.49 KB)

Consent Form for Recording for Training Purposes Download pdf (31.62 KB)

Appraisal template Download pdf (143.01 KB)

Induction into primary care template Download pdf (160.23 KB)

Patient Information

Introducing your Advanced Clinical Practitioner Download pdf (290.72 KB)

Helping us to Help You Download pdf (97.03 KB)

Covid Programme - Information/Helpful Links

Covid Programme - Information/Helpful Links Download pdf (159.77 KB)