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Module 3

3.1 Treatments

Radio therapy Video (2 minutes, 30 seconds) 

What is cancer radiotherapy and how does it work?


Chemotherapy Video (2 minutes, 55 seconds)

 What is chemotherapy like? 


3.2 Side Effects from treatments

Neutropenic sepsis This section covers chemotherapy and how it can reduce the number of white blood cells (neutrophils) produced by the bone marrow and the importance of seeking medical support for the patient as quickly as possible.

3.3 Consequences of Cancer and its treatments

This section covers how to recognise the role of supportive care for patients receiving cancer treatments

LearnZone - Learning from Macmillan Cancer Support: Login to the site

3.4 Managing Fatigue

This document outlines the top 10 tips on managing fatigue. We recommend you print this if possible or save it to an easily accessible folder/drive.


Top 10 Tips Download pdf (419.26 KB)

3.5 During treatment / Long term affects

The resources below describe the possible and long-term effects of treatments:

1: cancer and Bone health

2: bone thinning and osteoporosis

3: Blood clots and cancer 

Triage tool Please feel free to use this document as a resource for grading of signs and symptoms of next steps

Triage tool Download pdf (265.46 KB)