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ADEPT Diabetes Training

To register for and access The Midlands Network ADEPT programme please go to

 ADEPT (Achieving Diabetes Care Excellence through Primary care Teams)

This programme has been developed by clinical experts and aims to support improving diabetes care outcomes based on the NDA, NICE and Diabetes UK standards, improving patient experience and reducing diabetes complications.  The programme is founded on the Alphabet Strategy for Diabetes Care and includes a personalised care plan to support patients to manage and control their disease. Confidently formulate and implement an evidence-based, multi-factorial, patient-centred Diabetes Care Plan.

The programme will enable you to:

  •  Promote knowledge, skills and attitudes in patients that supports patient empowerment towards high standards of diabetes care.
  •  Continue as trained HCPs in diabetes care and undertake relevant continuing professional development activities to embed knowledge and skills into routine clinical practice
  • Be at the forefront of future service developments for helping to deliver diabetes care at PCN/ ICS level
  • To better understand complications in diabetes care and with particular reference to Covid-19, Ramadan and Maternity.

The course is split into 4 modules provided by academic healthcare professionals and can be accessed entirely online (self-directed study). Self-directed study is guided by teaching aids and study material on the portal, along with a chance to attend a monthly online tutorial, hosted by both the co-chairs of this project.

Who should register?

All fully qualified healthcare professionals from across the Midlands. Initially this training is aimed at professionals within the Midlands wishing to further their skills and expertise in Diabetes essential care treatment.

To register, please go to:

 This training is fully instructed by NHS England, in collaboration with Res Consortium

 NHS England and NHS Improvement