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At Health Education Derbyshire (HED) we aim to work to increase and better the future nursing workforce in Derbyshire by supporting local practices and PCN’s. We work in partnership with Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) to support student placements in various different courses and to ensure quality.

What are placements?

A placement is real, hands-on work experience gained within a real working environment that complements and supports the student’s course and qualifications to provide mutual benefit to both the employer and the student. Placements can lead to careers; practices can decide to offer a student a role at the end of their studies and final placement. This is a time to give students a feel for the workplace and help them along into their full time NHS career.

Please note that placements can vary in length depending on the student’s year of study, skills, and course. They usually vary from 4-12 weeks.

What are placement Tariffs?

There is a placement tariff for each placement, not all being the same. This is a one-off payment to your practice (the placement provider) once the placement is completed. This payment is to acknowledge the staff time taken to supervise and assess the student.

For each type of placement, the tariff amount is set and provided by Health Education England. At HED we are responsible for contacting HEIs and finding out the tariff for each placement type.

Currently for adult nursing placements (GPN and Mental Health students), we offer a £250 per week per student, top up tariff. This is split between us and the HEI. Your practice will be paid individually from the HEI and ourselves.

Some more tariff amounts…




Supervisor/ Training requirements


£96.40 per week + HED Top up tariff 

University Of - Derby/ Nottingham/ Sheffield 


Direct Entry Nursing Associates (not apprentices)

£96.40 per week

University Of - Derby/Sheffield 


Physician Associate 

£12.77 per hour / £510 per week

De Montfort University /Sheffield Hallam University

University Of Sheffield /Manchester 

GP Trainer or 3+years exp PA


TBC - approx £100 per week

Sheffield Hallam University

University Of Wolverhampton/ Lincoln 

Paramedic / FCP

Occupational Therapy 

£80-£100 per week

University Of - Derby/Nottingham 

Sheffield Hallam University 



£100.75 per week

Sheffield Hallam University

University Of - Nottingham /Leicester

Physio / FCP


£50 per day

University Of Nottingham /De Montfort University 

Clinical pharmacist / GP


Approx £80 per week

University Of Nottingham 


*Please be aware that all funding information is subject to change, to make sure you have the correct information before taking a student contact us at