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Adult Nursing Placements

Placements play a large role in our vision at HED. Placements help to increase the interest in general practice careers across Derbyshire and helping students start and develop their primary care journeys as well as helping practices to explore placements and recruit new members of staff. 

BSc Adult Nursing Students study at University for 3 years and MSc Adult Nursing Students study for 2 years. Throughout each year they will need a number of placements in order to complete their studies. 

You have the choice of 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students as well as the ability to choose from a number of different placement dates and durations. This makes it much easier for your practice to prepare and plan for the placements and make sure that each student will have the best experience you can offer them. 

There are also different fields within Adult Nursing, including: Adult Nursing, Child Nursing, Mental Health Nursing and Learning Disability Nursing. 

There are two types of Adult Nursing Placements:

Formative- Placements that do not require a sign off period and therefore only need a supervisor in practice to support the student.

Summative- Placements that do require a sign off period and therefore need an assessor and supervisor in practice to support and sign off the students learning. 

The current tariff payment for Nursing Students is £96.40 per week per student. This will be increasing to £122.55 in September 2022. 

At HED, we currently offer a £250 top up tariff which is split between ourselves and the university. Once your placement is complete you will receive tariff payment from the university and receive instructions from ourselves on how to invoice us for the top up tariff. 

Please contact if you have any questions or if you are interested in taking adult nursing students on placement at your practice.

We are currently working to create a Placement Portal, in hopes of creating an easier way for practices to offer their support. This will have all the information you need regarding placements, in one place. It will include an interactive  calendar of all upcoming placements as well as training needs, helpful links and tariff amounts. 

SSSA training is required when taking Adult Nursing Students on placement. Please visit our Supervisor & Assessor Training page here to find out more: Supervisor & Assessor Training :: Health Education Derbyshire