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Resourses around Literature and evidence searching

If you would like me to run an in-depth literature or evidence search, I can search databases such as Medline, Embase and CINAHL on your behalf. I will discuss and devise a search strategy based on your search topic or research question and then send you a list of useful and relevant articles.

There are three levels of searches. Choose from:

·       Focused search

This option provides targeted results on one specific question. It can be used to find the most up-to-date information (e.g., the most recent systematic reviews on your chosen subject) or the top few articles on a specific topic. I’ll typically provide a small, focused number of citations within 5 working days. Priority will be given to searches directly related to patient care.

·       Comprehensive search

This option is suitable for: scoping research, clinical queries, and supporting developments in services (e.g., guidelines and protocols). It can also be used for non-clinical topics (e.g., medical education, ethics, service delivery, and the perspective of individuals and groups). I typically provide the sifted results within 10 working days.

·       Systematic review support

A high-level, in-depth search which collates all available information on a topic. (e.g., researching an intervention and its effectiveness). I typically provide the unsifted results within 15 working days.


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The information you provide in the forms will help me to design the search strategy so please give as much detail as possible.