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Achieving diabetes care excellence through Primary care teams - E-Learning

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Adept is an on-line learning tool for all Health Care Professionals (HCP’s) who may want to raise/ learn or increase their knowledge in Diabetes. Adept is focused on the 15 healthcare essentials criteria, covering topics such as Covid-19, Blood Pressure, Eye examination and Foot care to name a few.

Adept stands for: Achieving Diabetes Care Excellence through Primary care Teams

The Adept project has been created by Professor Vinod Patel, West Midlands Clinical Director for Diabetes and Satyan Kotecha, West Midlands Community Pharmacy Lead. Both Professor Patel and Satyan have put together the Clinical Learning package to allow users the chance to learn more in depth knowledge about Diabetes. The course is spilt into 4 modules, in-between each session we have some key learning short quiz questions, to test knowledge.

Once a month NHSE will also have an online ‘live’ session for users to ask any questions or add comments directly with Professor Patel, Satyan and a member of the NHSE (Midlands) Diabetes Clinical network.

The Adept project is now open to all HCP’s across the Midlands, following a successful pilot session.

Once the training has been completed you will receive a certificate of attendance and completion of the programme.

The online sessions are being run via Res Consortium and have been created with HCP’s in mind all the way. The system also allows for extra resources.

Feel free to sign up

Any questions feel free to contact