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L3 Learning Mentor apprenticeship

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Mentoring is - and has been for centuries  the foundation of vocational training and apprenticeships, yet this standard is the first formal recognition of this role.

Nowadays, mentoring takes place in all parts of the Education and Training Sector (ETS) and staff-development contexts.

LMs support learners of all ages, and all levels, to develop within a new work role. These learners may be, for example, apprentices, trainees or new recruits (ranging from young entrants, to new CEOs) in the workplace, or in any vocational learning environment. Our Personal Training Advisors will deliver high-quality face-to-face teaching and learning at the employer’s premises.

They will provide all the resources your Apprentices will need to progress. Our intuitive learner management system, OneFile will really bring the subject to life through our online resources.

Duration and Delivery

Minimum of 12 months + 3 months for EPA.

Adopt a blended delivery method of both face-to-face and group online teaching and learning

Maths and English Functional Skills

Apprentices will be required to have or achieve level two English, Maths and ICT Outcomes for this Standard Level 1 Safeguarding Employers may also wish candidates to achieve appropriate additional qualifications in Education and Training including mentorship.

The above outcomes will be achieved before the end-point assessment.

Progression opportunities

The LM could progress further within their vocation specialism and/or into roles involving the assessment and coaching of vocational learners. Off the job (OJT) The apprentice must receive off-the-job training for a minimum of 20% of the time that they are paid to work.

There are many activities that can be calculated towards the OJT hours such as; Shadowing a colleague, Online Learning, Internal Training, Team Meetings and Appraisal/1-2-1 Visits.

Professional behaviours:

The Learning Mentor will:

• A) Promote an ethos of motivation, aspiration and a passion for learning

• b) Operate at all times to ethical and legal standards and within professional boundaries

• c) Value equality and diversity and work with others to improve equality of opportunity and inclusion

• d) Be resilient and adaptable when dealing with challenge and change, maintaining focus and self-control

• e) Demonstrate, encourage and expect mutual respect in all professional contexts

Entry Requirements

Individual employers may set any entry requirements which may include:

  • A strong aspiration to support learners.
  • (As a dual-professional) A qualification, at an appropriate level in the candidate’s vocational/subject specialism.
  • Recent experience and knowledge relevant to the context of the mentoring role (e.g. current industry standards).

Candidates may have achieved maths, English and ICT skills at Level 2 (equivalent to GCSE Grade C or above) prior to commencing their training. Those that have not must achieve this prior to taking the end-point assessment.