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Module 1

1.1 Introduction

This short clip talks about the benefits of the cancer care Review and how we can improve care through using a holistic approach for cancer patients


1.2 Primary Care Cancer Care Review (CCR) User Guide

This document provides information on the layout of the Cancer Care Review on SystemOne and Emis. It also covers the Recovery Package. Please save this Guide so you are able to go back to it at any time as it will make a useful resource

Primary Care Cancer Care Review (CCR) User Guide Download pptx (4,848.17 KB)

1.3 Introduction into Holistic Working

Macmillan is at the forefront of understanding the needs and experiences of people living with cancer. This is done by analysing public health data. This short video covers how the data collected helps to support cancer patients. (3 minutes, 30 seconds)

Evidence and research - What we do - Macmillan Cancer Support - Macmillan Cancer Support