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Apprenticeship Case Studies

We’ve created case studies of apprentices that we have or are currently supporting, click below to read more:

Level 5 Operations / Departmental Manager Apprenticeship (Isabel Kelsey)

Isabel Kelsey is a Deputy Service Manager and Social Prescribing Lead at Erewash Health Partnership (EHP), a busy group of GP surgeries in Derbyshire, and Erewash Primary Care Network (EPCN). She is currently undertaking a Level 5 Operations / Departmental Manager Apprenticeship with a CMI certificate at Chesterfield College – a course fully funded through Health Education Derbyshire (HED). This is the second apprenticeship Izzy has undertaken, and she is a huge proponent of the ‘earn while you learn’ model.

Isabel began working in healthcare in 2018 and has enjoyed a rewarding and varied career. She says, ‘One of the projects I’m most proud of is helping with the Covid vaccine roll-out, managing a busy vaccine centre, and ensuring the smooth running of a crucial service’. Her apprenticeship will allow Izzy to further develop her capabilities in this managerial arena and will build her confidence as well as bolstering her practical skills.

Izzy continues, “The Operational/Departmental Manager course will also help me to grow my skills in people management, an area which I’m keen to develop, both for my own career path and to benefit the practice I’m working at too. An apprenticeship isn’t just beneficial to the student, but adds vital capabilities to a workplace – and I’m lucky to have an incredibly supportive employer who understands the benefits of an apprenticeship, and who has supported my career development since day one.”

Her course is largely virtual at the moment, and Izzy notes that she's able to successfully juggle her learning commitments with her working life, a huge advantage to both her studies and her day job.

Rakesh Marwaha, Managing Partner & CEO of EHP and EPCN said 'We are extremely pleased to have Izzy at our company and she is one of our rising stars.  She embodies our values in that she continues to want to develop her knowledge, skills and experience, whilst delivering excellent services for our patients in Erewash.  Through our experience of Izzy, we are investing in further apprenticeships across the company, supporting local employment and development.'  

Izzy has received vital support from HED throughout the process, and urges employees and employers alike to use the support it offers. She says, “The great thing about my course is that, with the help of HED, it’s fully funded and supported. And it’s not just practical support I’ve received from the organisation, but ongoing advice and help as I’ve decided on what course is right for me, and when and how I should begin resuming my studies.”

Reflecting on her experience of embarking on two apprenticeships, Izzy notes that it’s practical experience alongside the theoretical side of a course which is so beneficial to students and practices alike. She says, ‘It takes commitment to undertake an apprenticeship, but it’s worth it – courses like those supported by HED ultimately build rounded and capable employees, and allow practices to deliver better care to patients for the long-term.”

Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship (Jessica Doyle)

Jessica Doyle joined Health Education Derbyshire (HED) in November 2020 in its admin team, and is undertaking a Business Administration Apprenticeship, Level 3, through Learning Unlimited. The course is fully funded through HED, and Jessica credits her supportive employers with helping her progress in her chosen career.

At HED, Jessica is responsible for managing online bookings, facilitating courses and managing social media. She says that the apprenticeship is not only giving her the opportunity to enhance her skillset and finetune her capabilities, but is building her confidence too. “It helps us get into areas that we wouldn’t necessarily get the chance to experience at the start of our careers – like finance and people management – providing us with both knowledge for today, and skills that will stand us in good stead for our career in the future,” she says.

Jessica is a huge proponent of apprenticeships as a career pathway. She says, ‘Having also studied full-time in college, I’d really recommend the apprenticeship route. It provides you with hands-on experience, which is applicable to your day job – and gives you the opportunity to try out what you’ve learned immediately.”

Jessica believes that having an encouraging employer is vital for apprenticeships to work, and says that HED has been invaluable helping her juggle her learning with day-to-day responsibilities. Indeed, Jessica reports that all of her colleagues in Primary Care have been helpful, making it a rewarding and supportive sector to work in – and one which Jessica is committed to for the long-term.

Away from her core learning schedule, Jessica says that the ability to undertake additional modules, such as Microsoft Excel and Teams training, has been particularly beneficial – providing her with crucial digital capabilities. Jessica has also completed the Edward Jenner programme for leadership skills.

Urging anyone who wants practical training to consider an apprenticeship, Jessica says, ‘There’s so much support available – and lots of opportunities. You have to be organised and dedicated to succeed in an apprenticeship, and it’s crucial to do your research, but all that hard work will pay off in a rewarding career path.”

Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship (Charlie Knight)

Charlie Knight works in the admin team at Health Education Derbyshire (HED), and is currently undertaking a Business Admin Apprenticeship, Level 3. Charlie believes that apprenticeships are a great way to ‘earn while you learn’, providing valuable hands-on experience which other education pathways may lack.

Charlie joined HED in November 2020, and the flexibility of the apprenticeship course has meant that she has been able to successfully juggle her studies with a busy day job – where she’s responsible for everything from social media campaigns, to email management and booking events. Charlie says, “The course content provides me with valuable knowledge and experience that I can take into work and use straight away, to benefit both me and my employer.”

Crucially, Charlie says that her apprenticeship has been key to building her confidence; giving her the opportunity to undertake tasks outside her comfort zone, work with others and gain valuable skills and experience. She says, “When I was at school, I didn’t know about apprenticeships – believing that college was the only pathway available to me. But while the college experience – mainly theoretical study – wasn’t for me, the apprenticeship route has opened up a world of possibilities, providing me with skills which will last a lifetime.”

Charlie has received vital support from HED throughout her apprenticeship - from valuable careers guidance to the ability to undertake supplementary courses, like Excel training and minute taking.  Charlie says that these modules will provide her with a solid groundwork she needs to progress in a managerial career.

Charlie talks about Primary Care as an exciting and rewarding career pathway, with supportive and friendly teams who work together to deliver the best patient care and administration support.  She says, ‘We’re all contributing to the healthcare system of the future – and it’s great to be part such an important mission.’

When it comes to advice for other apprentices or people considering this path, Charlie says “just go for it.” “There’s plenty of support out there to help you to achieve goals’ she says, pointing to information and guidance from Health Education Derbyshire as well as day-to-day support from colleagues and managers. “Ultimately an apprenticeship is a hands-on, rewarding and achievable way to get into the job you want and build a career for the long-term,” she concludes.

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