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Online Travel Health - Update

Travel Health Update Course

Travel health is a fast moving field of practice in normal times.  The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted travel health practice with many practitioners feeling 'rusty' and in need of an update. A new online platform has been created by Travel Health Specialist Nurse Jane Chiodini, to help the learner update, but at their own pace and at a time suitable to them. 

The student can also revisit lectures and resources as often as needed, within the timeframe allowed on the platform. 

This learning includes over 3 hours of videos with Jane teaching within the platform, some e-Learning, self- assessment questions, and numerous resources, tools, and other exciting learning opportunities. 

It is anticipated that the learning would take up to a day of time to study depending on how much you explore all the information and resources. 

There is an opportunity to ask questions within the platform and Jane will reply.

Q&As are included in a dedicated ‘Forum’ within the learning resource. 

A comprehensive handout is also provided and on completion of the training, a certificate will be issued. 


  • Update the travel health practitioner on many travel related topics
  • Address issues within practice to manage the traveller in the current times of COVID-19 
  • Be aware of changes to relevant guidance and resources in travel medicine 
  • Help to regain confidence to practice travel medicine 

Topics addressed within this learning: 

  1. COVID-19 and travel, some background, but also tips and hints! 
  2. Malaria update including news of the 2021 guidelines 
  3. Good Practice Guidance - learn about a new guidance document 
  4. Yellow fever update - news relevant to everyone 
  5. Travel health provision in General Practice
  6. A refresher on the NHS travel vaccines (and diseases)
  7. Polio update and news of the ongoing PHEIC
  8. Hepatitis A vaccine update 
  9. Dilemmas in practice - e learning looking at some common errors
  10. Case studies - addressing common issues to refresh your memory 
  11. New publications and resources
  12. Social media and travel health news

This training is only an UPDATE 

PLEASE NOTE: you have two weeks to complete the course (14 days) from when you have submitted the licence code 

Therefore please book onto the  course when you know you are ready to start the training.