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General Practice Assistant Role


Thank you for your patience whilst we gathered further information and understanding about the new GPA role, we are happy to now, at this stage share the below information with you which we have:

  • GPA in training is a band 4 role working at least 30 hours a week
  • The role is for internal candidates only – this is not a new role to advertise
  • The GPA role is ARRS funded (please note there is no funding for backfill of people’s current role)
  • The GPA will need to work towards a competency framework to complete their training/course.  They will need to create a portfolio of work which is signed off by a GP mentor in practice, this is then sent off and accredited by a university
  • The GPA will not be fully qualified until they have completed the full framework and been signed off and accredited by the university

 Please note:

Up until this point GPA’s in training have completed their accredited programme through the University of Chester, the accredited programme for the new cohort of GPA’s is still to be finalised and confirmed by HEE, until this is done we are unable to share any further detail about the accredited programme.

Suggested next steps before starting someone in a GPA role:

  • We recommend you thoroughly review the competency framework HERE this is what has been previously used at Chester University
  • As a practice ensure you can provide an effective quality learning environment for your GPA(s)
  • Consider carefully who will be the GP mentor and be able to provide supervision for the GPA(s)
  • Review your current workforce plans and be clear on your pipeline for this role

If you have any questions please do send them onto

  • If you are interested in having the GPA role in your practice please email expressing your interest and informing them the number of GPA roles you wish to have in your practice
  • We have been advised that the official accredited GPA programme and platform should be ready for spring 2023
  • Please be advised the individuals who will be doing the GPA role in your practice can start working their work through the competency framework
  • Please ensure that any work/evidence your GPA’s do is written up in Microsoft Word and saved, so once the platform is available (spring 2023) it can all simply be uploaded ready for assessment

Supporting resources

The following is a link to a drop in zoom session where previous GPA’s came back to discuss their experience of the course and their new roles:

Meeting Recording:

 Access Passcode: &d^w9@Nj

 The following is a link to the GPA launch event that was held at the start of the last cohort, back in March 2022:

General Practice Assistants (GPAs) form part of a multi-disciplinary team within primary care, and provide a support role, carrying out administrative tasks, combined in some areas with basic clinical duties, helping to free up GPs time and contribute to the smooth running of appointments, improving patients experience in the surgery.

Following a successful pilot of the GPA role in the North West, Health Education England established a national programme in 2019 to support the spread and adoption of the role across the country, providing provide a consistent approach to developing the role, underpinned by a defined job description and competency framework to support work-based learning.

Early evidence and feedback from GP practices suggested that effective adoption of this role can support in:

  • Improving patient access and releasing highly qualified staff to concentrate on treating and managing patients with more complex conditions
  • Improving patient flow within surgery hours, increasing the time efficiency of appointments, and reduction of waiting times; supporting patient experience by ‘translating’ or reiterating information from the GP
  • Have a positive impact on retention and job satisfaction